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Why Are You So Depressed?

Why Are You So Depressed?


Why are you so sad? Why do you not find joy in life anymore? Do you feel like you have nothing to live for? What aches you? Why are you in a 100 different kinds of pain? Do you just want to R E S T A R T???

Did someone leave you? Lost your job? Lost family? - shit happens.

I'm here to tell you it gets better. In the words of Helios -

"Pain is inevitable. Your suffering, is your choice."

There are points in your life where you really just want to give up and we feel that, we've all been through that at some point. Should you force yourself to be happy?


Embrace the pain. Feel it. Pour your emotions out. Vent. Don't try to force yourself to be happy when you are clearly sad. So what? You're not chirpy - that's an emotion too - you can't always be ecstatic...

How do you feel better then? Is there a way out of this?


1. Get Therapy. Talk to someone with an objective opinion. If you can't afford therapy, the next best thing is to talk to someone who you're really close to - and share your burden. It's okay to feel helpless sometimes.

2. Give yourself some time and heal. Most of the times, the pain simply fades away. Or, you become strong enough to tackle it. All you gotta do is believe in yourself.

3. Do things that make you happy. Revisit those times when you were happy, find moments that made you smile and try to repeat those. You've got nothing to lose, right?

4. EAT. SLEEP. DRINK WATER. Nutrition is very important and stopping any of these natural cycles is just... harmful. Plus, you need it for the regulation of your hormones, and your happy brain juices (Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin and the likes...)

5. Shop what you like! Buy things that make you feel better. New plushie? Yes. A cool dress? Definitely. ICED TEA MERCH? O.o YES PLEASE.

We are thankful for all your love and support since we started. And so, we want to give back, as a community. We care about you. Any purchases you make with the code THERAPY gets you a 11% off on everything. The money collected will go towards a good cause - helping people who are struggling in life, mentally. More on that soon!

But for now;

Stay safe, stay strong.

Love, Iced Tea team.

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