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The Best of Anime Food: Top 5 Anime When It Came To Food!

The Best of Anime Food: Top 5 Anime When It Came To Food!


Alright, who’s hungry then? Grab your bowls, spoons and chopsticks cuz we’re going into a food coma in 3...2....1.... LET’S GO! This month, we talk about some of the most famous Japanese dishes shown/portrayed in Anime. It is very hard to pull off intricate animations and getting the average viewer hungry especially when it comes to complex delicacies, but there are some Animes who do it without breaking a sweat.

Here’s our Top 5! Let’s count down.

5) KATSUDON, Yuri!! On Ice

Yuri!! On Ice, Katsudon

Basically a deep-fried pork cutlet with egg over rice, this fabulous dish is a filling meal for many. It’s a combination of 2 Japanese words Tonkatsu and Donburi, which mean fried pork and rice bowl respectively. Katsudon is somewhat linked to “victory” or “accomplishment”, and that is why in Japan, a lot of students eat this the night before taking an important exam or a test. Now a part of modern tradition, it is also observed in Yuri!! On Ice, when the titular character Yuri, gorges on this every single time he wins a figure skater competition (and sometimes because he just cannot resist).

4) TAKOYAKI, My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Fat Gum - Takoyaki

Enjoyed to death by Fat Gum in My Hero Academia, Takoyaki is a finger-lickin’ snack that is absolutely irresistible. Small and ball shaped, this snack contains chopped octopus, green onions and shrimp pieces. Just stick in a toothpick and gobble one right up! Or you could try and appear honourable and eat it with chopsticks (jk).

3) HOWL’S BREAKFAST, Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle - Howl's Breakfast

Plain and simple, this dish is literally just bacon, eggs, bread and cheese. But it looks so goddamn delicious in Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle! L In the movie, there’s 3 slices of bacon simultaneously cooked with 4 eggs and served with a loaf of bread and a whole lotta cheese. Breathtaking! ^0^


Mitarashi Dango, Naruto

Our last two entries come entirely from Naruto. Also fyi we haven’t talked about sweet stuff until now, so DANGO! Yum yum rice dumplings on a skewer with sweet soy glaze, this is also a very aesthetic looking snaccy snacc. It comes in 3-4 different colors as well! We see this dish in Demon Slayer and in Naruto and it looks super tempting.

1) RAMEN, Naruto

Ichiraku Ramen - Naruto

On god no cap fr this dish is bussin’. You cannot go wrong with good ol’ fashioned Ramen. I mean look at Naruto! He still eats Ichiraku’s Ramen even after he became Hokage. We’re sure you know what Ramen is... So no explanation here.

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