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Artist Spotlight III

Artist Spotlight III


Well, well, well! We reached a threequel! And it's not gonna stop here... With so many amazing artists working with us, we will always have a "spotlight" to share with y'all.

This time we feature the amazing designer and tattoo artist Larisa Light!

Larisa Light Mac 10 Model Image

Presenting a design that Larisa made, that you can see our model @secondhandsex repping! Mac-10 was just brilliant and Larisa did an awesome job with it.

A little bit about the artist:

She's a Taiwanese tattoo artist, and is 30 years old. We asked her a couple of questions about herself -

Q) When did you get into art/creating what we see today?

A. "I started learning tattoo techniques at the age of 22 and changed my style a few times because of what happened in my life. Now I only paint my experiences and feelings about life."

Q) Could you tell us about your art style and motivations/inspirations behind them?

A. "I also feel that human beings are like a machine, and the brain affects people like a pre-set program. Does the consciousness of the soul transcend the body? This is a topic I've been exploring all my life. So I like to add cyberpunk and sci-fi themes.
Including the feeling of comic brushstrokes, or adding some beautiful Chinese nouns. Some of the previous works are when I have feelings in my heart, and the pictures in my mind, perhaps a landscape, or a kind of emotion, will be my creative inspiration. A girl with a mechanical coldness and a slightly sad look. Although soft on the outside, but strong on the inside.
To express my creative theme with a description, it is as if in a world that is rusty and cold after rain, there is a shimmer of light in my heart that illuminates the darkness. Make people feel warm."

Q) Where can one find more of your work apart from IG?

A. "My name in the works account is: Do cyber cats dream of electric fish?
From this book by Philip Kindred Dick: Do androids dream of electric sheep?"

We are definitely happy to have her on board for this month's artist spotlight, we hope you enjoyed this one as much as we did!

If you're itching to know and see what kind of stuff she makes, check her IG out! Here's a little treat for ya -

Larisa Light Instagram

If you like what you see, maybe you should check out our LATEST DROPS... There is definitely gonna be something that you would wanna cop ;)

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