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Artist Spotlight II

Artist Spotlight II


It’s been FOREVER since we’ve had an artist spotlight! This week, we’d like to show love to some of our amazing collaborators, designers and artists who have created a lot of the designs we have on our store and the ones that you rep currently. Without these geniuses, Iced Tea wouldn’t be the same! So let’s get to know them a bit better. :)


A very unique and truly distinctive style of art, A.T.Cham has been with us since a pretty long time. They specialize in creating absolutely crazy mecha/robotic/steampunk-ish mashups of popular Anime characters and making them look twice as badass as before! Head over to their Insta rn!


Our in-house vaporwave chef and long-time ITA collaborator, Warakami’s art is the definition of aesthetic. Specializing in artwork that reflects the 70s and 80s retrowave/darkwave scene, they have made some of our biggest best-selling designs at Iced Tea. For us, Warakami is Cyberpunk 1977. Check out their IG here!


A newcomer collab with Iced Tea, Sinpiggyhead is an insane tattoo artist and illustrator based in France. They have created some of the most intricate and beautiful (but deadly) designs that have been in crazy demand ever since we started working with them! Their art screams horror. You scared yet? Check their socials here!

We owe a huge thanks to all of them and every single artist and designer who ever worked with us – your talents and skills are the reason we are successful! Before you leave, make sure to check out our latest drop! We got some GREAT new stuff you’d wanna cop! ;) Until next time!

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