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3 Aesthetic Real-Life Supras You Wish You Could Ride!

3 Aesthetic Real-Life Supras You Wish You Could Ride!


Japanese luxury cars back in the 80s always hit different. They are a complicated mixture of metal and fashion, and they look not just fabulous, but also stylish and... Aesthetic. Owning one would not only mean that you’re a person with money, but would also mean that you’re a person of culture. So this time, we’d like to show you our favorite custom Supras that you could only wish you could ride… along the beach road – with the palm trees – into the sunset… The ultimate vaporwave dream!

1. Kazuhiko Nagata’s Twin Turbo Supra

Smokey Nagata's Twin Turbo Supra

What do you get when a Supra fanboy can’t wait for the new Supra to drop? Well, he goes ahead and makes his own. Almost a decade ago, Kazuhiko (also popularly known as Smokey) made his own custom Supra concept. He’s the founder of “Top Secret”, a company that’s well known for its body kits and performance engineering. And they’re also known for something a tad bit more interesting – illegal streetracing.

2. Javier Paramo’s 1983 Celica Supra

Javier Paramo's 1983 Celic Supra

You know stuff’s serious when an actual streetracer’s car is in the list – this is a great custom Supra. Did you know that this madlad rode in it against some really famous streetracers and came second place? Yep! In an invite-only drift competition, Javier competed against some big names like Andy Yen and Alex Pfeiffer and actually came second.

3. Tom Nguyen’s Classic 1994 Supra

Tom Nguyen's 1994 Supra

Jet black and screaming ELITE, this custom ’94 supra is absolutely ravishing and monstrous at the same time. Customized with AirREX air shocks, this car is as crazy as it looks.

Well, now that you’re pumped up and know that you can’t actually afford any of these beauties, why don’t you check out our JDM collection that also includes one very special Supra? We promise that this offers the same aesthetic, and is also something that you can afford ;)

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