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Spider-Man : The Manga - Into the Animeverse!

Spider-Man : The Manga - Into the Animeverse!


Well, I guess we can now freely talk about the new movie now? Spider-Man No Way Home was a dream come true for many fans, and lived up to everyone’s hype and expectations. Maybe it even went further beyond. With renewed nostalgia from over a decade hitting us with the force of a black hole, it made many of us laugh, cry and revisit some beautiful memories of the past. That got us thinking, was there ever a Manga about Spider-Man?

Spider-Man No Way Home GIF

We already have a live-action Japanese Spider-Man. It’s not even a spoof, it’s legit – officially Marvel licensed show based on, well, Japanese Supaidaman. Coming to the manga, we actually, DO indeed have a version of Spidey in the Japanese comics, all the way back in the 1970s. This week, we’re just gonna give you a glimpse of that, owing to the marvelous (pun intended) success of NWH and the happiness it brought to all of us at Iced Tea.

Japanese Supaidaman

This Spidey goes by the name of Yu Komori and is a high school student. Big surprise, he gets bitten by a radioactive spider that grants him super-human abilities. Now here’s the real shocker – Komori accidentally KILLS (based?) someone and because of this guilt, turns to the society as a helping hand in order to atone for his “sin” and becomes the great superhero Spider-Man.

Spider-Man The Manga Japanese

The Japanese version of Spidey looks absolutely friggin’ badass. Ngl this is also a pretty dark backstory, considering the fact that Peter Parker never kills.

Spider-Man The Manga Japanese Manga Cover

This Manga also features villains like Electro, Mysterio and the Lizard. And it also has a Japanese version of J. Jonah Jameson, and Aunt May. Without spoiling anything, this Manga is truly amazing (pun intended x2). Make sure you check it out, there’s translated versions of it available in English as well! That’s it for this week, and before you go, we’d like to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope 2022 is sick (okay no puns here) and that you achieve all your goals. Stay safe and get vaxxed!


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