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Our Top 3 Scariest Animes of All Time

Our Top 3 Scariest Animes of All Time


Well, well, well…. It’s that time of the year again! Spooky season is upon us and we’re gonna share our top 3 horror/spooky/scary Animes for this one – and believe us! We don’t scare that easy...

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue GIF

This is perhaps one of the coolest psychological thrillers of all time… It’s about a J-pop group member Mima, who decides to leave her group “CHAM!” to become an actress. She soon gets stalked by a fan who doesn’t really like the fact that Mima isn’t as “innocent” anymore, and is upset by her change from a respectable image. Without spoiling much, this is truly a must watch and should definitely be on your list. Be warned though; a trigger warning for scenes of rape, nudity and gore.

Seoul Station

Seoul Station GIF

Halloween would be incomplete without the inclusion of a Zombie flick. Now this is no ordinary film – for this is a prequel to one of the best Zombie movies out there! Remember Train to Busan? Yep! Seoul Station is based on the same – and the plot revolves around 3 characters when the epidemic had just begun in South Korea, right before the events of the live action film.

Bio Hunter

Bio Hunter GIF

Talking about epidemics, Bio Hunter is a great one. I mean, considering what we just went through, this might just be us in a live action movie! (Ugh, bad joke). Anyway, this movie is a perfect end to your Halloween night – it’s got science fiction, demons, heroes and a virus. 2 protagonists who are molecular biologists try to take on humans affected with a virus that makes them… less human and uhhh… more DEMONIC. Lots of gore and great fight scenes, don’t miss this one!

Now that you’re gonna be done watching these, we bet you’ll be spooked. But don’t worry, we gotchu! How about you curl up inside your blankie with some of our latest Halloween merch? Sounds good, right? Well then, here you go!

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