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About Us

Hello! Welcome to Iced Tea Aesthetics. Get comfy, relax, and crack open a cold one (preferably a chilled Iced Tea drink). This is our story, who we are, what we do and how it all started.

My name is Alexander and I am the founder of Iced Tea Aesthetics!

Our Beginning

A long time ago back in 2017 (yes we're getting old) I had a few ideas.

I ran a bunch of meme pages and knew that there was an explosion of creative potential hiding in obscure corners of the internet.

I believed that this creative potential can be channeled into something visible, something not just on the internet. Something we can wear and see come to life.

Located in Melbourne Australia, I went ahead and began printing some of my random artworks on t-shirts in-house.

I teamed up with some of my artist friends. Online and offline, and screwed up beautifully.

We started printing our own shirts with a terrible heat press, screwing everything up, burning our shirts and short circuiting the electricity for my neighbors house. We were close to giving up.

But we didn't!

All it took for us to get up, time and time again, was our belief in what we are trying to do.

No other brand or store was selling anime fan art or vaporwave aesthetics. Especially not from small-time independent artists from the corners of the internet (which I believe is the best kind).

I knew that Iced Tea Aesthetics will work, it’s just a matter of how.

It’s a long journey, from a room procrastinating for my university exams to managing Iced Tea Aesthetics.

The first few years were definitely the hardest. I remember slaving away for hours with nothing to show for.

For most of 2018 and 2019 no one took my idea too seriously. But then, when your hard work begins to bear fruit, you get a feeling that I cannot describe.

We gradually focused more on Anime Streetwear instead of Vaporwave and changed our logo.

Who We Are Now

Fast forward a couple years, and I spent everything on expanding and improving the quality of what Iced Tea offers.

I switched suppliers multiple times untilI was confident and happy with the shirts I was printing.

I would never sell something I won’t wear myself. And often I have deleted best sellers simply because I wasn’t happy with the item.

As of 2024 Iced Tea Aesthetics has a team of independent artists from multiple countries. Either we draw our designs ourselves, or we purchase it directly from the artist.

We regularly scout for talent and purchase artworks with flexibility for the artist. Do get in touch with us if you believe your style matches ours!

Today Iced Tea Aesthetics prints and ships apparel from multiple countries. We partnered with the absolute best print services located in Latvia, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and as of February 2024 - Canada! Check out the map below.

The countries in red are the countries where we Print & Send our items from. We ship our items worldwide.

We have gone a very long way. Our team has grown, and things have never been the same! Combining insane artworks from talented, independent and young artists with premium quality garments is what we do.

That is Iced Tea. That is us.
Wear your Aesthetic - Wear Iced tea.

Melbourne Australia.

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