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Our Top 3 Moments in Berserk

Our Top 3 Moments in Berserk

Berserk is known for its use of utter violence, and a complex mix of intense and intimate emotions all weaved together in a pretty epic manga, by Kentaro Miura who recently passed away in May.
In his honor, we’d like to discuss some Berserk! Here are our some moments from the manga that really shook us. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t read it!
1. “Have I Ever Before… Wielded A Sword So Heavy?”
Beserk Image 1
From Berserk, Volume 23, Episode 188 (19 pp.), this is one of the most iconic panels in the Manga. His sanity threatened, his views questioned – Guts still perseveres.
2. A Necessary Sacrifice
Berserk Image 2
From "Birth", episode 86; Guts amputates his own arm to have a go at Griffith and Casca. A tremendous show of his indomitable will – this is truly one of the most badass moments ever.
3. True Horror
Berserk Image 3
During “Eclipse”, Femto (basically Griffith, reborn as the fifth God Hand member) rapes Casca in front of Guts – absolutely terrifying and extremely depressing – as she begs for Guts to look away… Having to watch your beloved being raped right in front of you… This broke us! L
Phew… well, on to less depressive stuff then – why don’t you check out our Berserk collection? We think you’d love it O.o
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