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Top 3 Angel Concepts in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Top 3 Angel Concepts in Neon Genesis Evangelion


With the final Eva movie releasing worldwide and concluding an over 2-decade run, it is the appropriate moment to reminisce about the creative juggernaut this series is. Giant humanoid robot-ish monsters inspired by old testament biblical allegories are very cool at the outset, but here are three entries that went above and beyond even this concept and made Shinji get in the robot (or at least cry about it).


Ramiel Evangelion

Ramiel is the Fifth Angel. It was the first angel to penetrate the Geofront and up the stakes for our protagonists. Even though it is exceptionally large and powerful, the most curious aspect of its design was how different it was from every angel proceeding it (this is also true for our next entry). It is essentially two reflective floating pyramids attached at the base, one on top and one on bottom.



Kaworu Nagisa (Tabris) is the seventeenth (first and thirteen in the rebuild movies) Angel (he is also the Fifth Child and arguably). He is a human being and this is somehow too an artistic leeway from the more traditional angel design. He is also prominently erased as by Netflix as a love interest recently. This is especially sad, because he has a nice design, but in ways, maybe the Netflix staff is just protecting him from Shinji... because he could do better ngl.



Lilith is the second Angel. All human beings are descendants of this being. This entry does not deviate from the norm by doing anything different, it does so by being the prototypical design upon which all the other threats are based upon (perhaps, except the two mentioned above?). Lilith is a white humanoid being with no legs or hips. It is restrained in Terminal Dogma, where it remains immobile hanging limp on the cross in the series.
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