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Our Top 5 Synthwave Tracks

Our Top 5 Synthwave Tracks


Yeah, we need something to vibe with when we're preparing your orders. It does get boring sometimes... or lonely. And what keeps us going is some kick-ass synthwave.

What's that? You want to vibe with us too? 🥺


Here's a list of our top 5 Synthwave tracks, curated only for you. Listen to some hardcore synthwave while repping our aesthetic and epic anime streetwear. Or listen to vaporwave. But that's another story, today we discuss the power of synth.

Here we go.

1. This mix by Astral Throb, is a subgenre of synthwave called DarkSynth.

2. GLITCH, by Astral Throb again is a sweet sweet mix that you should totally check out!

3. Cybercity - By Odysseus

4. This mix by CABLE

5. A Dark 80's Synthwave Mix by Stranger Synths

There we have it, ladies and gents. Go crazy.

While you're here, check our crazy Dark Aesthetics collection. A great combo, don't ya think?

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