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Our Top 3 Moments in Attack on Titan

Our Top 3 Moments in Attack on Titan


It’s been some time since we’ve done our “top 3” favorite moments in Anime, so here we go! We’d like to share some of our treasured AOT moments… Buckle up!

Before you read any further – SPOILER WARNING!

Alright, you have been warned now. Let’s proceed.

1. Mikasa’s Confession

Mikasa's Confession To Eren

Absolutely wholesome, in this scene Mikasa Ackerman confesses (kind of) her feelings towards Eren Yeager. It’s deep, as we don’t really see Eren giving the same feelings back – and it seems like he is politely turning her down. But if you’ve read the manga or watched ahead of Season 2… You know that he also had the same feelings for Mikasa.

Eren was at his lowest in that moment, he was ready to give up. But Mikasa changed his view on this and gave him a reason to live.

2. Levi Fights The Beast Titan

Levi versus the Beast Titan

Levi Ackerman is one of the most badass characters in AOT. To see him truly rage and understand his anger as he goes Doomguy on the Beast Titan is just amazing. Our favorite moment in Season 3, Levi proves himself to be a one-man army.

3. Sasha's Death

Sasha's Death in Attack on Titan

Sasha Braus’ death hit hard. She was a beloved character in the series and watching her die was not just heartbreaking for Mikasa and Armin, but also for the fans. Gabi aims at her and shoots her in the stomach, and she bleeds out to her ultimate demise.

Wow, that was depressing, wasn’t it? Well. You can refresh yourself by checking out our AOT merch here at Iced Tea!

Happy shopping! <3
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