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3 Places You MUST Visit If You're In Tokyo!

3 Places You MUST Visit If You're In Tokyo!

Japanophile? Good. Traveller? Better! In this week’s newsletter we cover our top 3 favorite places to visit in Tokyo if you ever end up there!


Akihabara Tokyo GIF
Let’s start off by stating the obvious, if you’re into anime, manga and gaming (which you are, because you love us and you’re in our mailing list :p) this IS the place for you to go. From collectible figures, playing cards, magazines, limited edition CDs, toys and more, to even costumes, you can get everything you ever wished for.


Cherry Blossoms Park Japan GIF
Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this one popping on our list… Literally HALF of our merch has cherry blossoms in it! This is one of the biggest parks in Tokyo and also has some of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in the city.
Fun fact: The Ghibli Museum is located right at the tip of the Inokashira Park. Needless to say, if you’re a Studio Ghibli fan, you absolutely have to visit it!


Kawaii Harajuku Tokyo Fashion GIF
I mean… let’s end it with something fashionable shall we? Harajuku fashion comes from this district in Tokyo and it’s full of trendy colorful shops and cafés. This is where the Kawaii culture began! You can buy tons of stuff at a very reasonable price and it’s pretty inexpensive in general.
Well, that’s it for us… Meanwhile, why don’t you check out our brand new TOKYO drop? ;) It’s up for grabs!!! GO, GO, GO!
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